Thursday, 8 August 2013

Summer Roses

We have a lovely huge old rose bush in our garden which creates a stunning floral arch entrance into our back garden and as it's so large, it does the same for our neighbours over the wall...twin arches!  It produces hundreds of creamy white blooms but they aren't stem roses that you could cut and have in vases....

so I was mighty pleased when me mum brought me these stunners from her garden 90 miles away...roses the size of cereal bowls!

Fantastic shapes, colours, textures and a divine scent to top it off....a real rose treat.

As well as the large vase full on the dining table, I was able to put a few buds in a small vase on the mantle piece too...

...and yes that is a signed photo of Len Goodman peeping out from behind a leaf....keep dancing!!

Internet oh internet...where have you been?

After being battered by some very short but dramatic storms a few of weeks ago we were left with no internet and it has been quite a long hard battle to get it sorted....hence the lack of blogs...well that and the fact that outside of the storms the weather has been lovely and I've realised I'm a bad weather blogger.....a glimpse of the sun and it's outside time!

Anyway, all is OK now and we're up and running again and I'm playing catch up with some things I would have shared before.  Happy days!

Summer 2013 Collection - Fabric Hair Bobbles

And if clipping the felt flowers from the Summer 2013 Collection into your hair isn't enough, how about these flower hairbobbles in very cheery lemon or mauve gingham or green or charcoal spot fabric.

I have made these in pairs so they are perfect for dressing up pigtails or just keeping one as a spare if a ponytail is more your thing.

Summer 2013 Collection - Tea for Two

Earl Grey, Peppermint, Camomile or English Breakfast Tea...which is dolly's favourite?  These teabags come in little packs of two perfect for dolly or teddy to host their own tea party.

Pop the tea bag into Dolly or Teddy's teapot or cup, let it brew for a minute, give it a stir and your tea party is ready.

Served with a biscuit or two....delicious!

Tea for two and two for tea!

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