Friday, 8 July 2011

Hair Clips and Corsages

Here's a quick run through of my Summer 2011 designs.  There are two colour ranges, Summer Fun

and Summer Dreams

I have designed four flower designs; a small flower clip, large flower clip, rose flower clip and rose flower pin.  I have made all four flower designs in each of the Summer Fun and Summer Dreams colours.

Summer Fun - Large Flower clip

Summer Fun - Large flower clip

Summer Fun - Rose Flower Pin

Summer Fun - Small flower clips

Summer Fun - Large flower clip

Summer Fun - Rose flower clip

Summer Dreams - Small Flower clips

Summer Dreams - Rose flower clip

Summer Dreams - Rose flower clip

Summer Dreams - Rose flower clip

Summer Dreams - Large flower clip

Summer Dreams - Large flower clip

Friday Fun

Bet you can't read this without singing it.....go on you know you want to!!

The Lakes

Obviously I wrote this post before changing the header on my blog.  Until recently I had been using the second photo below as my blog header until having a re-think and re-design.  I wanted the blog header to have a bit more relevance to the content of this blog....yes I've been reading some on-line blog tips!!  I'm going to up my blogging game in 2012!
Lisa x 04/03/2012

In case I haven't said before, the photo at the top of this blog is one I took last summer of Lake Windermere looking at Watershead.  We'd been on a boat trip and the weather had been changing from glorious sunshine to torrential rain hence creating these stunning colours.  We have spent a lot of time in the Lakes ( in particular in and around Ambleside) at different times in the year and the Lake always provides plenty of good photography opportunities.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


I am listening to the Tour de France coverage, I love it all but it gets really exciting once they hit the mountains.
I am eating mushrooms sautéed in garlic and butter, naughty but nice, sweetcorn, fresh pasta and a green salad from the garden.  I love mushrooms but I'm the only one in our house who does, so tonight the girls are in bed, Andy is out a conference in Bath until late and this week's veg box included some really big, flat mushrooms with my name on them....yummy!
I am drinking a glass of diet coke
I am wearing jeans, a pale dusty pink smock top, a beautiful necklace given to me as a gift from a very lovely friend last week, my white Birkenstocks.  I have been wearing a newish pair of light tan wedges for most of the day but I'm kicking back now and I love my birkies.
I am feeling the best I've felt for 4 days as my wisdom tooth has been absolute agony.  I'm on the antibiotics (hence the diet coke rather than a lovely glass of red) and pain killers still but I think things are at last beginning to improve....I really hope so.
I am reading The Little Prince.  I saw it in Pen and Paper in Old Town the other day, I have the original version in French but don't think I've ever read the translation and my French is certainly far too rusty for me to read the French copy now.
In my garden the new turf is doing really well, we have salad leaves galore, a steady crop of courgettes, spinach and radishes, pods beginning top appear on the peas, potatoes which really look ready for harvesting and yesterday we had our first raspberry of the season.
Around the house is where my hoover needs to go!
I am enjoying a rare moment of piece and quiet
I am creating fabric flowers, felt flower hair accessories and corsages for the school summer fete on Saturday.
Outside my window the gazebo in the garden in still in tact after Andy's repair job last night following a battering from the wind.
I am thinking of our summer holidays...can't wait!
I am loving this image...

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Blooming marvellous

I am having a stall at the school's Summer Fete this weekend and have been busy designing and creating my LisaMonis Summer 2011 range of felt flower hair clips and corsages which I'll share more on later.  As these items are all quite small I felt I needed something to give me stall some height so to keep with the flower theme, over the weekend I created these....

....they don't look much yet I know but then I did this....

...I moved outside for the hand cutting out part as the weather was glorious before moving back to our sunny breakfast room to the sewing machine...

...for a bit of this...

....this is the view I have while I'm zipping away with the machine...

....then I attached the fabric to sticks and they become this....

...I think they look beautiful like this but it wasn't quite what I was aiming for but with a bit more tweaking a glorious bouquet of blooms was created.

I can't decide which one I like the best...the blue polka dots....the pink polka dots or maybe the blue fabric with the teeny tiny rose print....I just love them all!

I'm really pleased with these beautiful everlasting fabric flowers.  The stunning fabric was from the wonderful Fabric Rehab

Window boxes

 I've just found this drawing on Macy's table...I'm not sure if it's a completed master piece yet or still work in progress but it made me smile as I've been thinking that our real window boxes could do with a bit of attention as a couple of plants are struggling....I think I'll take some inspiration from these pictures....they make my 3 window boxes look positively dull in comparison!

Messy hair

This about sums up how I'm feeling today...I have a very sore wisdom tooth which I'm treating with antibiotics, painkillers, cups of tea and chocolate...the latter of which I'm running out of fast!

I've been beavering away during June doing lots of creating and sewing but admittedly, not a lot of blogging so I have a fair few things to get posted up here which I plan to try and get done over the next few days.

Right I'll put the kettle on again, brew up and get going... xx
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