Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Horrors

Trick and Treat us if you dare...I've been playing on picmonkey....such fun!

A creepy Miss M
I think if we put this on our door we'll scare most things away...Miss E looking very much the frightening vampire!

A very spooky Miss E....can you see the armbands?  This was altered from a lovely sunny photo of Miss E splashing in the see in France

Watch out!  She means it!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The birthday party season here has meant that designing and creating (unless you count designing and creating birthday cakes and party games see Willy Wonka TimeMore Wonka FunAnd the party goes onAnd still party goes on) has taken a back I'm itching to get going again and to make these very strange looking piles of felt into gorgeous accessories.

The machine sewing has been done on these so they are in the queue for some lovely hand sewing

This blue is a new colour called cornflower and I love it....I think I might have said this before...but it's true...I do

The flowers are very nearly finished and will become hair clips and the fabric bows will also become hair clips on alligator clips once they've been finished at the ends.

At least some of them look like the finished product....the big ones will be brooch corsages and the smaller ones will go on hair band bobbles.

A tray full of pieces waiting to be hand makes me very happy just looking at them and imagining what they will look like once I've whizzed my needle over them

....and still the party goes on...

We had a great time on Saturday with Miss E's Mr Tumble themed party

Happy Birthday 

Tumble door

The Mr Tumble cake was fun to make and thankfully relatively simple compared to some of the constructions I've attempted before

We had Mr Tumble themed games around main Tumble characters; Grandad Tumble, Aunt Polly, Cliff Tumble and Lord Tumble. While we waited for everyone to arrive and the children to find their feet we had some Mr Tumble activities dotted around for them to try.

Toss the bean bags into My Tumble's spotty box

Crawl through Mr Tumble's Tumble Tunnel

Hide in Mr Tumble's Tumble Tents

Test your skills on the Mr Tumble Tumble Pins

Miss M's brilliant drawing of Mr Tumble on Miss E's Birthday card

Friday, 26 October 2012

And the party goes on...

I've said before that October is party season at chez's Miss E's turn now and can you guess what party she has asked for?  The yellow background and coloured spots should be a big clue if you watch CBeebies....yes it's Evie's Mr Tumble Party.

Party bags are ready for the 8 friends she has invited

We've made Mr Tumble Notebooks for the party bags
And someone has been helping out with cleaning  the bowl out.  The cake is ready and waiting to be iced now...more pictures to follow.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

This may not look much at the moment but it is the product of a couple of hours of cutting out using templates that I've made.  It's a long process as I insist on cutting everything by hand rather than using die cut pieces meaning each piece is unique.  These pieces are all waiting to be transformed into a variety of hair clips, hair bobbles and corsages for Winter 2012.

I love seeing a pile of cut outs like this all waiting to be sewn and transformed.

This blue is a new colour called "Corn Flower" and is totally gorgeous and I can't wait to see it made up.  I adore the charcoal grey as well.....and the raspberry, pistachio, baby pink and white for that matter.

Yes I am powered by tea...a cup of Earl Grey please!

I feel something Christmassy coming on as this space!


Friday, 19 October 2012

John Lewis

Normally for me the advert break is time to make another cuppa, clear away a few things or check an email...very rarely does an advert make me stop and look but this one did.

Right from the very first moment when the girl put up her foot to fasten her shoe I was hooked!  I remember turning to Mr A and saying "I don't know what this is selling but I'm going to buy it"...I should have known it was John Lewis really...I love it....and I love Paloma Faith's version of the Tear us Apart  as well...completely gorgeous.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

More Wonka Fun

I've been a bit quiet on the blog so far this month and the main reason being that at chez nous, we have 4 birthdays to celebrate this month...yes all four of us have October birthdays...madness!  I shared the Golden Ticket invites last month at Willy Wonka Time but here's a bit more Wonka Fun....

Miss M in the Oompa Loompa photo booth

Miss E in the Oompa Loompa photo booth

All the party guests designed and decorated their own Chocolate Factory and we played lots of themed games based on each of the Golden Ticket Holders.

Miss M in her new dancing gear which was a birthday present

The birthday cake - this was my attempt at creating the part of the chocolate factory with the edible grass, flowers and toadstools and the chocolate waterfall.

The Birthday Girl

Great British Bake Off

After 10 wonderful episodes, we will now be left without our baking fix on a Tuesday evening.   Following a very tight final which could quite frankly have gone anyway, a very deserving John was crowned as the Great British Bake Off winner 2012.  

Finalist - Brenda
Finalist - James

Congratulations John

Of course as well as the baking, the real highlight of the show is hearing what the judges are going to say about the delights they taste...

(Photo from BBC)
The Radio Times called the show "an irresistible combination of muscle and marzipan" which I think about sums it up.

(Photo from BBC)
Mel and Sue on hand with a comforting word, a joke to relieve the stress and to help pick up dropped cakes.

(Photo from BBC)
Mary Berry - the Queen of the Kitchen

(Photo from BBC)

(Photo from Radio Times)
Paul Hollywood - the silver fox of kneading and proving

(Photo from The Business Showcase)
Some may think this whole article was just a good excuse to get photos of Paul on my blog.....ssshhh don't tell anyone!

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