Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic Medals

My two Olympic Champions sporting the medal biscuits we made earlier

I wonder if Lord Coe will call on us if they find themselves a medal or two short at London 2012???

Best of all, once you've had enough of medal can eat it...yummy!

I'd forgotten we'd got the edible gold spray until part way through...

...but once I'd remembered....all the rest got sprayed

London 2012 Olympic Fever

We're in a lovely Olympic frenzy at chez nous....we just love it.  Everyone is talking about the Opening Ceremony, we let Miss M and Miss E stay up but by 8pm (an hour before Bradley Wiggins rang the bell to start things off), both were asleep in their PJs on the sofa!  Miss E was out for the count but this quick power nap was all Miss M needed to propel her right through till 11.15pm.  She loved it, especially the Mary Poppins bit...I'm not even sure I have a favourite part....the lush green beauty of the opening scenes, the jaw dropping mechanics of the tall towers piercing through the landscape, the rather emotional part of seeing the rings form and rise into the sky, Mr Bean, the Queen playing the ultimate Bond Girl, the expressive, stunningly beautiful dancing inspired by the horrific events of 7/7 , David Beckham speeding the torch along the River Thames challenging Daniel Craig's Bond, or the moving tear jerking lighting of the petals making up the Olympic Flame .....just sharing the first part of our home Olympics with Mr A and Miss M was magical.

Stage one of the construction of our paper plate Olympic rings

Miss E's Olympic Rings drying out

Miss M's drying Olympic Rings

Our Olympic Rings in pride of place at the front of our house

We've been watching people admire them and smile as they pass....hopefully we're spreading a little bit of Olympic joy

The morning after the Opening Ceremony we caught the sun rising and lighting up our Olympic Rings...happy days!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Well done Wiggo

Mr A and I have been glued to the Tour de France for the last 3 weeks and have been doing some very undignified screaming at the TV this afternoon cheering Mark Cavendish on to win on the Champs Elysees.  So pleased that Bradley Wiggins became the first Brit ever to win the Tour de France and loved watching Team Sky dominate the peloton and and in fact the whole tour.  I will even confess to organising this weekend around the TV really has just taken over everything here!  So we have a few days grace before the Olympics....bring it on!!
Brad dominating in yellow (BBC)

Our own little two and a half year old Wiggo also had a big achievement today...Miss E really got the hang of rifing her bike on her own.  She calls Bradley Wiggins "Bagley"....priceless!

We went on a bike ride earlier but Miss E went in the bike seat on the back of Daddy's bike this time but Miss M was awesome tackling some really technical off road biking at the Croft Wood trail after she'd already cycled over 7 miles. No photos I'm afraid but Miss M was fearless!!

Celebrating on the Champs Elysees (BBC)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Our second house

Miss E and I decided that in between the rain showers we were going to give the wendy house a clean out.  I forgot to take the before photos, mainly because Miss E was so fast off the ball that by the time I'd made it out into the garden she already had most of the house contents out on the lawn and was waving her sweeping brush at me.
The house is set up as a cafe but it was really like a beach cafe in there.  Sand all over the floor after a few too many spilt sand cakes and pies which hadn't got as far as the oven.

I made the curtains out of an old pair of curtains which hung by the back door when we first moved into our house.

This cooker has made many a happy cafe meal combining the delights of plastic fruit and veg with crunchy sand from the sandpit...I know you're tempted to visit now!

An extensive menu and a telephone for phone orders....obviously!

A window seat anyone?

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