Monday, 18 April 2011

Sunny days

Today has been the first day back at work following a fantastic family holiday but the sun is out which always puts an extra spring in my step.  I found this today....and I'm so gonna try and do it!!

Snip snip

I did some babysitting for a friend the other night and what a great chance to get on with some cutting out.  The great thing about babysitting is that because you're in someone else's house, you don't feel guilty about not doing any house work jobs and I could just indulge myself in my cutting out.  Lots more to do but I've made a start and I'm feeling pretty good for it.  I'll share more soon.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

A sneaky peep

I mentioned the other day while giving the tour around my "office", that I'd share some bits and bobs from my ideas book soon.  Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, I took them on my phone for ease but they're not great so I'm guessing I'll have to have a rethink.

Some early designs

Whimsical sketches which I'd forgotten about, I still have a plan up my sleeve for the butterfly!

I'm loving slate blue, greys and the colour of stormy skies at the mo.  The photo was taken at the same time as the photo at the top of my blog whilst on holiday in The Lake District August 2010.  We had been on a ferry trip on Lake Windermere and the heavens had opened as we left Bowness but by the time we got to Watershead it was glorious sunshine and the colours were amazing.  So love The Lakes.

Easter Bonnet

It's the last day of term tomorrow and the reception classes have been encouraged to make an Easter Bonnet to take in ready for their parade.  Even though I have been assured by one of my Book Club Mums that it is possible to make a perfectly acceptable Easter Bonnet out of a cycling helmet in a matter of minutes (she is talking from experience!) we decided that we'd make a start last weekend.  Macy's bonnet is made from the box our Riverford tomatoes come in which she painted pink, the egg shells are from our baking session at the weekend, we glued in the chicks (or ducks as Evie calls them along with pretty much any bird) and we finished it this evening with lots of tissue paper pink flowers. Macy is very happy with the result and can't wait to were it.


I realise that I'm going off an a bit of a tangent here but I guess as it's my blog then that's my prerogative.  It's sad to say that I'm ridiculously proud of the pre ballet and tap class snack I made for Macy and Evie today.  Macy always needs a snack after school before we dive off to her ballet and tap class and not to be out done, Evie will want it for two reasons: 1. because it is food and 2. because her big sister is having it.  They both loved their cats and it took them a lot less time to eat it than it did me to make it!!  Just slightly worried that I've now set the expectation for every pre ballet and tap!

Monday, 4 April 2011

My Office

I love making things but it has always been a case of me making something as the mood took me or if I wanted to make a gift for someone, so really just one off things.  Recently I have made some hair clips and broaches which have been admired when either I or my daughters have worn them and this combined with the love of making them has lead me to thinking about trying to make a go of selling them.  I have never done this so I'm not completely sure what I'm getting myself into but as I read the other day, 

surely it's better to have a life of "oh wells" than "what ifs"

Whatever I get up to I plan to share it here...warts 'n' all!  

So let's start with my office.....I'd love to be able to show you around my office space at this point, maybe point out a few key features, some natty storage system, a lovely ideas board, something like this....

or this....

or even this cute as a button craft TARDIS of a cupboard....

but I'm still at a more primitive stage, let me introduce my office.....

I did say it was primitive!  The polka dot wallet file holds everything I need so far, purple butterfly ideas note book, a white envelope containing my patterns and templates, a pencil case and some sheets of A4 paper with colour ideas and samples of felt from the lovely 

The potted plant isn't strictly necessary but the glass of red wine certainly is! 

I'll share some bits and bobs from inside my ideas book soon.

A spring in my step

My plan was to write this post whilst I could actually see the wonderful signs of early spring; the blue skies and the flowering daffodils and tulips in our garden but as it's now 8.30pm, it's dark and the blinds are drawn, to be honest it could be any season.  I just love spring time and the positive energy it seems to have hence why I'm kicking this blog into action with this poster I found on  
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