Sunday, 23 June 2013

Summer 2013 Collection - Birdies

Last month I shared the first photos of my first Birdie creation here.  I have designed these little birdie decorations using my own templates, cutting and sewing each one by hand.  The twigs are from my garden following a pre-Spring chop down and clear out session.  Each one has their own personality and own decorations of flowers, sequins and ribbons making each one indivdual and unique.

Well I'm pleased to say that my little mauve birdie now has some friends to play and chirp with.  


These felt birds perch on their twigs looking pretty and sleepy but don't be fooled...when you're not around they love nothing more than a tuneful whistle and a little hoppy dance.

"Last night, I heard my mama singing a song, 
Ooh-we, chirpy, chirpy, cheep, cheep"

Summer 2013 Collection - A Pocket Full of Love

You may remember back in January, I shared my first batch of A Pocket Full of Love here.  Well I believe there is more love still to spread and because I just can't stop myself making these gorgeous little hearts, I've made A Pocket Full of Love in my Summer 2013 Collection colours.

Never mind a Pocket Full of Love...I have a whole bucket load to share!

In case you missed A Pocket Full of Love in before and are wondering what on earth I'm harping on about, this is how the idea started....

I regularly put notes into Miss M's lunch box...whether it's a count down to a much awaited playdate, a reminder to eat her veg sticks, a joke or a little message reminding her how much I love her.  

Miss E however doesn't have packed lunches yet and wouldn't be able to read my little notes so I had the idea of popping a little felt heart into her pocket as she knows a heart means love...and A Pocket Full of Love was born.

Miss E regularly has a little heart in her pocket when she goes to nursery...or even in her sock...her choice!!  The lemon yellow one is her favourite.  I sometimes put a quick spritz of my perfume on it as an extra reminder that Mummy loves her very much and I'll be back soon to pick her up.  Its worked so well, that I've even given the nursery staff a spare one just in case the lemon yellow one gets lost.  Miss E loves nursery but she's not over fond of the "good-bye" bit as either I or Mr A leave her but the heart really does help.

There are 3 hearts in each Pocket Full of Love...three times as much love!

Spread the love xxx

Summer 2013 Collection - Flower Hairclips

Wearing flowers in your there really anything more girlie, fun and summery?  I have designed, cut and sewn these flowers by hand and will present them beautifully modelled by my lovely shy lady who, you may remember made her d├ębut in my last collection.  She enjoyed herself so much, she's back again!

Available in my Summer 2013 Collection colours of Lemon, Charcoal, White, Thistle and Mauve mounted on bright leafy green snap clips, they are perfect for staying put in even the youngest hair.

Which one will you chose?

Summer 2013 Collection - Bow Hairbands

I have had fun creating these bow hairbands which come in polka dot and gingham fabric as well as soft felt.  As always, each bow has been made by hand from patterns I've created and lovingly sewed by yours truly!  Securely attached to a strong hairband they will really add a beautiful finishing touch to any ponytail.  

The fabric bows are available in Charcoal spots, Yellow Gingham and Mauve Gingham.

I've made the felt bows in the Summer 2013 Collection colours; Charcoal, White, Lemon, Thistle and Mauve. 

Summer 2013 Collection - Butterfly Hair Clips

Can't you just imagine these nestled into summer hair.  Each butterfly has been hand stitched and embroidered with silver metallic thread and clear crystal beads meaning each butterfly really does have its own unique markings.  Available in Thistle, Mauve, Lemon, Charcoal, Pistachio and White.


Wear your heart on a string

...well bakers twine to be exact!  I've been having some fun with clay this week making heart decorations and heart garlands.

I've used some ferns from the garden to make a lovely nature inspired pattern on heart and each one is different.  The hearts on the pink bakers twine are about 6cm across.

These little plan ones are about 4cm across.

The garlands on lemon yellow bakers twine are also 6cm across and have the fern pattern imprinted on each one.

The pink pig on the top shelf is checking them out and Audrey seems to like them as well and she 's a lady of such amazing grace and style, so they must have passed her style test!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Summer 2013 Collection coming very soon

Just a few more finishing touches and then I'll be ready to share my Summer 2013 Collection...but until then, here's just a little peak.  There will be butterflies, birds and flowers...beads, buttons and sequins...felts, spots and checks... 

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