Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Bazaar

A massive thank you to everyone who popped by to say "hello" at the Lethbridge Christmas Bazaar.  

I had a fabulous time meeting customers old and new and have been busy fulfilling orders taken on the day.

Clockwise from top left: Flowers on snap hairclips, pom pom flowers on twigs from the garden and pom pom garlands, the right hand side of may stall, my "cheery handmade, homespun accessories" sign, the left hand side of my stall, the middle section of my stall.

Clockwise from top left: Fabric flower hair bobbles, hearts and pom poms on sticks, "Noel" and "Love" bunting, Granny Angels (more about these coming soon), large bow hair bobbles.

Clockwise from top left: Denim corsages, felt message envelopes, hanging felt robins, felt teddy or dolly angel wings, felt message envelopes and teddy or dolly angel wings, denim corsages.

Denim Corsage Brooches

Now jeans are quite a staple in our house....Mr A wears smart jeans pretty much every day at work, Miss M is as happy as a pig in mud in her jeans, Miss E likes a pair of skinnies and a girlie top and I like a denim skirt and boots combo.  So all in all, we create quite a lot of worn out or grown out of denim which I was sure could be put to good use and so created these Denim Corsage Brooches.

Each one is different even if I create the same design several times due to the colour and thickness of the denim.  These ones below were born from a friend's cast off pair of Levis.

The petals of the two below are from a pair of my old Monsoon jeans and the centres are from a pair of Miss M's Gap ones.

I love how each one has a history and that it's having a second moment of glory in another form.

The circular corsages with large buttons (below) layer several types of denim together.  As much of the denim I have has a element of stretch, I have pulled the outer edges of these circular flowers to help give the flower a bit more texture and dimension.  I'm a bit fan of letting the denim fray as well so I'm purposely quite brutal with how I handle the fabric to help encourage the fraying.

 The five petal flowers are mounted on felt to give them a bit more body and strength and I have played about with teal, navy and red felt....ah now which one is my favourite?

Pom Pom Garlands

No snow here yet and it's not baring well for a white Christmas so these pom pom snowballs may be the closest we get to the real thing for the time being.

I find pom poms so addictive to make and so simple....the perfect TV accompaniment as I can watch and wind.

I have both the white and red versions up in my house at the moment.  The white one hanging with some delicately cut paper snowflakes and the red ones on my dining room mantle piece with twigs with red berries and pine cones.

I love this bluey grey garland so much and might well put this one up properly in the New Year once the Christmas decorations have come down.

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