Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Button Fantastic

I love buttons and have been very fortunate that I've inherited a fair few beautiful vintage ones from my Grandma via my Mum.  Some of them are still attached to their original card packaging while others have been sewn onto cut up old cereal packets by my Grandma many years ago.  My Grandma used to keep scraps of paper, old envelopes and pieces of card under the seats on her sofa ready to be used....waste not want not!

 This is box I keep some of these buttons in....

 I remember this tin from family camping holidays when I was a child as it used to hold the first aid kit we kept in the car under the drivers seat.  It's a little warped now but still perfectly capable of keeping my buttons safe.

While I'm on the subject of buttons, these are a few gorgeous new ones I've bought from Paper and String where they are dyed by hand....the flower ones are just so cute.

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