Saturday, 10 December 2011

LisaMonis Autumn / Winter 2011

It's been a while but at last I'm ready to share my Autumn / Winter 2011 range...I have chosen some beautiful rich, warm, jewel colours for this range and have created some new flower shapes for both hairclips and hairpins, but have also kept the rosebud flower which was very popular in the Summer 2011 range.  I've also added some rings in this range which are adjustable in size so should fit most fingers.  As always, I have created all the items from templates I have drawn myself.  I have cut out everything by hand meaning that each item is slightly different and unique.  The buttons and threads I have used have either been sourced specifically for this range or in most cases have been scavenged from my Mum's amazing collection.  Mum inherited all my Grandma's,my Great-Auntie Winnie's and my Great-Antie Myra's sewing boxes and what treasures they are.  I love to sit with my Mum in what we call the "Up Up" and look through the boxes together to see what gems we's like my very own cash in the attic!

Hazy Daisy - Brooch and hairclip

Top row: Coral, Purple, Navy
Middle row: Pink, Grey, Charcoal
Bottom row: Sage, Bark, Beige




 Sage showing haiclip and brooch fastenings 

Hazy Daisy Ring
Clockwise: Charcoal, Coral, Pink, Purple, Thistle, Bark, Sage, Grey, Navy, Beige, Charcoal

Coral back showing adjustable ring


Hazy Daisy Hairpin
Top row: Bark, Pink, Beige
Middle row: Thistle, Coral, Sage
Bottom row: Purple


Rosebud Hairclip
Top row: Navy, Sage, Bark, Thistle
Middle row: Beige, Pink, Purple, Coral
Bottom row: Grey, Charcoal


Button Daisy
Top row: Thistle, Coral, Sage
Middle row: Charcoal, Pink, Grey
Bottom row: Navy, Purple

Hairclip Holders
 Henrietta Hedgehog

 I love how she holds her nose in the air!

 Bridget Bird

 Sleepy eyes and long legs!

 Mellow Mushroom

More pretty buttons 

Chrysanthemum Rings
 Front to back: Purple, Beige, Pink, Sage, Bark, Grey

Sage close up - again the rings are size adjustable

Sakura Hairpins
 Top to bottom: Grey, Pink, Blue, Bark, Purple

Purple close up

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