Monday, 11 February 2013

Union Jack Bunting

Now 2012 was a pretty Union Jack focused year with the Jubilee and the Olympics and you might remember me sharing a few pics of how we embraced the red, white and blue...from Union Jack flags in the window to making red, white and blue trifle and cupcakes...a couple of reminders below...


Now these square flags are OK and were find during the Olympics and Jubilee but they feel a bit too big to have hanging in the house all year round.


So armed with my guillotine, some red, white and blue flowery fabric, my seam ripper and sewing machine I got down to business of pimping my Union Jack Bunting!

I needed to unpick the bunting binding so that I could insert the new fabric triangles, then pin and sew.  I resulted to the floor to lay out the lengths of bunting and chose which fabrics would go where.

I'm immensely happy with my bunting.  It feels fun, fresh and very very British.  I plan to paint the wood panels in this room white but that's a project for another day.

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