Monday, 18 March 2013

Beautiful Butterflies

It's officially now Springtime, I have vases of fabulous tulips in the house, Easter is just around the corner, Miss M's homework was to write a Springtime Riddle...yet we have frost and snow! So I've been cutting out butterfly shapes which will become gorgeous, fluttery butterfly hair clips ready for pinning up summery sun bleached hair. I think these are calling out to be made in lemon yellow and soft mauve too so I'll share these when they've joined these happy white and pistachio ones.

I've just looked it up and apparently from my very limited research, basically a quick google search, the collective noun for butterflies is swarm, rabble, lek or kaleidoscope. I have to say I'm not too keen on swarm or lek but I love a kaleidoscope of just conjures up wonderful images of colours mingling and merging together. As for a rabble, this just makes me smile as I associate this word with an unruly, disorganised, shirts hanging out mob of mischief making youths...I can't think of a less rabble like certainly makes you think of butterflies in a complete different light doesn't it?

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