Sunday, 23 June 2013

Summer 2013 Collection - A Pocket Full of Love

You may remember back in January, I shared my first batch of A Pocket Full of Love here.  Well I believe there is more love still to spread and because I just can't stop myself making these gorgeous little hearts, I've made A Pocket Full of Love in my Summer 2013 Collection colours.

Never mind a Pocket Full of Love...I have a whole bucket load to share!

In case you missed A Pocket Full of Love in before and are wondering what on earth I'm harping on about, this is how the idea started....

I regularly put notes into Miss M's lunch box...whether it's a count down to a much awaited playdate, a reminder to eat her veg sticks, a joke or a little message reminding her how much I love her.  

Miss E however doesn't have packed lunches yet and wouldn't be able to read my little notes so I had the idea of popping a little felt heart into her pocket as she knows a heart means love...and A Pocket Full of Love was born.

Miss E regularly has a little heart in her pocket when she goes to nursery...or even in her sock...her choice!!  The lemon yellow one is her favourite.  I sometimes put a quick spritz of my perfume on it as an extra reminder that Mummy loves her very much and I'll be back soon to pick her up.  Its worked so well, that I've even given the nursery staff a spare one just in case the lemon yellow one gets lost.  Miss E loves nursery but she's not over fond of the "good-bye" bit as either I or Mr A leave her but the heart really does help.

There are 3 hearts in each Pocket Full of Love...three times as much love!

Spread the love xxx

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