Friday, 8 November 2013

Candy Coloured Flower Clips

I remember as a child being told that red and pink simply don't go's just not the done thing.  Well I guess one of the benefits of being a grown up is that you can bend the rules a little...or in this case, completely throw out the rule book and create a new one where red and pink can live in perfect vibrant harmony.

Each one of these clips will be ever so slightly different as not only did I stray off piste with the colour rule book...I did the same with my template.  I made a rough flower shape template but then let my scissors run a little loose in their own way.

Which one is your favourite?  I just can't decide but I do love the teal one with the light blue inner and the red flower with the pink inner.....and the pink flower with the red inner for that matter too...yep still can't decide!

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