Friday, 20 December 2013

Denim Corsage Brooches

Now jeans are quite a staple in our house....Mr A wears smart jeans pretty much every day at work, Miss M is as happy as a pig in mud in her jeans, Miss E likes a pair of skinnies and a girlie top and I like a denim skirt and boots combo.  So all in all, we create quite a lot of worn out or grown out of denim which I was sure could be put to good use and so created these Denim Corsage Brooches.

Each one is different even if I create the same design several times due to the colour and thickness of the denim.  These ones below were born from a friend's cast off pair of Levis.

The petals of the two below are from a pair of my old Monsoon jeans and the centres are from a pair of Miss M's Gap ones.

I love how each one has a history and that it's having a second moment of glory in another form.

The circular corsages with large buttons (below) layer several types of denim together.  As much of the denim I have has a element of stretch, I have pulled the outer edges of these circular flowers to help give the flower a bit more texture and dimension.  I'm a bit fan of letting the denim fray as well so I'm purposely quite brutal with how I handle the fabric to help encourage the fraying.

 The five petal flowers are mounted on felt to give them a bit more body and strength and I have played about with teal, navy and red felt....ah now which one is my favourite?

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