Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Mother's Day loveliness

Mother's Day (and Father's Day for that matter) tend to be pretty laid back and low key affairs in our house where we just spend time together, being a family and enjoying each others company.

On Saturday we followed Miss E's swimming lesson and Miss M's jazz class with a trip along the M4 to my in-laws to spend the day catching up, visiting the park, browsing a couple of shops in their high street before returning home later with two pyjama wearing very sleepy girls.  So Sunday's plan was always to be a bit more chilled out before Monday hits us again!

 My lovely colourful card from Miss M.

My card full of hearts from Miss E....and I'm particularly loving being "bootifl"

At Miss E's school I'm involved in organising a really sweet event called the Mother's Day Wrap where we collect donations of unwanted gifts.  Then a team of us sorts through all the donations and wrap smaller items together in plastic wrap and ribbons and count the donations as we aim to try and open the event to the whole of Key Stage 2.  We wanted to collect 300 gifts this year and just made it.  Then on Friday morning, a class at a time the 280 children come into the school hall where the gifts are all laid out, they choose their gift, take it to the wrapping paper section and choose their paper, then move onto the work stations where we help them to wrap their present and write a gift tag. It's such a lovely event watching the the children make their decisions about what their mum would like best!

I had to close my eyes when Miss E was choosing her gift for me but one of my mum friends who helped her said she was very definite and made her choice very quickly.  She was so excited and could barely wait until Sunday.  She loved the hiding the present in her bedroom bit too and so on Sunday morning she proudly presented me with the special present all beaming smiles; a set of beautiful glass butterfly fridge magnets although Miss E was unaware this is what they were!  She said she chose them because she likes butterflies and knows I like pretty things...can't fault her reasoning!!

Not strictly Mothers Day but this cup and saucer is so pretty I just had to share it.  While Miss M was at her jazz class on Saturday I had half an hour to browse around a Vintage Fair and picked up this little treasure.  The colours are gorgeous and it's sitting on my mantle piece at the moment just being admired.

Back to Mother's Day and the rest of the day was spent playing and helping the girls do some baking.  Miss M is a very competent baker but the cake she made the other weekend was rather flat and certainly not up to her usual delicious standard....a bit of a baking disaster if we're honest which we're putting down to the the new scales following Miss M's comment that the "grams kept changing to flozzies and ozzies"  (fl oz and oz!)  So to avoid the disappointment this time, I stayed with her the whole time and she produced an amazingly light coffee cake which is her favourite.  

Miss E also wanted to bake and although I tried to persuade her to make cheese scones or something similarly savoury which we could enjoy at teatime, she was having none of it and baked some delicious sweet scones.  So we had a rather naughty Mothers Day's tea of sweet scones with butter and homemade jam followed by fabulous big slabs of coffee cake!!  We did have a few veg sticks and pieces of fruit as a token nod in the direction of healthiness!  The girls thought that Mr M and I had completely lost the plot letting them have cake for mains and pudding...but we had such fun giggling naughtily to ourselves!!

 While the cakes were cooling I played around arranging and rearranging yarn in preparation for my next hooky project which I've not definitely decided on yet but I'm certainly leaning towards a granny stripe blanket.  

I just need to finish the boarder on my ripple blanket first but with it's so much fun choosing colours.

I also find a few minutes to get the sewing out on Mothers Day, namely when the children had gone to bed hence why the photos are a bit dark and make some progress on a project from Mollie Makes 51.  I love Mollie Makes magazine but I don't often make any of the projects until now.  I just couldn't resist these cute little retro blue birds.

We have a wall in our lounge where we used to hang a row of black and white photos but these have since been moved to the landing wall leaving a clean wall space which I was quite happy with for a while but now I'm thinking it could do with something.  I've played with many ideas in my head but was never really convinced with any of them but I believe a string of these little birdies will be just perfect.

In case you're wondering why the birds above only have stubby beaks, well I got a bit carried away and glued the beaks on and then realised that I'd end up sewing over the beaks when I sewed the two felt pieces and light stuffing together....doh!!  So the poor little blue birds had to have a beak trim!!

But with beaks back on and lovely Liberty scrap tummies I think they're OK. 

I have some bakers twine to attach these to next and might make up a few little pom poms for a bit more colour, we'll see.

If happy little blue birds fly beyond the rainbow, 
Why, oh why can't I?

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