Thursday, 3 May 2012

Checking in - May 2012

I am listening Poker Face by The Magnets.  I went to see them live last month with my friend Jan and they were fantastic. If you haven't come across The Magnets yet, go and have a peep at their website.  Jan and I had a great night and resorted to being like giggly teenagers by the end of the evening when The Magnets came into the theatre foyer to meet the audience.  "I've touched a Magnet!" did escape our lips more than once I'm afraid to admit!  We diligently went to say "hello" to each of the 6 Magnets and got them to sign our CDs.  Both Miss M and Miss E love singing along and The Magnets, Gobsmacked has now become our new favourite car CD....thankfully knocking Peppa Pug off the top spot....result!

I am eating a green Jelly Baby...and yes I do bite off their heads first.  

I am drinking a lovely big mug of Earl Grey rock and roll!

I am wearing skinny jeans, brown boots, a navy jumper and caramel coloured pashmina scarf...I was hoping to be in something a little more Spring like but it's still cold and damp.

I am feeling tired....I'm sure I said this last month...I think I'm missing the sunshine.

I am reading through Issue Thirteen of Mollie Makes.

In my garden things are looking very green and wet.  We've been told we're experiencing a drought but it's been the wettest April for 100 years!

Around the house the big news is that Miss E has moved into a big girls bed which is hugely exciting.  Mr A and I moved all the furniture around in her room to create what we thought would be the best layout, only to put the bed together and then decide actually the original furniture layout was the best!  So an hour and a half later and we were back to where we started!!

I am enjoying watching Miss E signing and dancing to I gotta feeling by The Black Eyed Peas.  For some reason she has to wear a sparkly pink hairband when doing seems it's part of the uniform!!

I am creating a new felt flower design for hairclips and hairbands which I will share shortly.

Outside my window it's grey.

I am thinking what a lovely day I had on Sunday with my friend Dee who is absolutely the best.

I am loving my family.  I've been running some evening training sessions recently at work and I feel I've missed out on some family time.

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