Friday, 29 June 2012

All things British

We've had the Jubilee, Wimbledon is in full swing, we have a British favourite to win the Tour de France which starts tomorrow and the 2012 London Olympics are just around the corner so what better excuse to embrace the Union Jack with some lovely patriotic keyrings.  I've just put the finishing touches to these and think they look very "Rule Britannia"!
Each one is different as I cut the pieces of pink and blue floral fabric by hand.

I've sewn the individual pieces of fabric onto the white felt backing by hand and then run around the edge with the machine to attach another layer of felt backing with a stiffener to make the keyring more sturdy..
We originally put these Union Jacks up at the front of our house for the Jubilee but have decided they will stay up through the Olympics now.

The 1953 Coronation party on the balcony of Buckingham Palace watching a fly past.

The 2012 Jubilee.  The Queen and Prince William demonstrating a less formal party on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. (Daily Mail)

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton chatting on the balcony. (Daily Mail)

One of my favourite photos from the Jubilee weekend... (Daily Mail)

....and here's another one....we don't often get the excuse to come over all patriotic but when we do, boy do we go to town! (Daily Mail)

We had a garden party for the Jubilee and had a great time catching up with neighbours, eating red, white and blue food, drinking Pimms and  testing our knowledge on our "right royal quiz"....and yes this is a red, white and blue trifle!

I was worried that adding blue food colouring to the yellow custard would turn it to a murky swamp green colour so I was mighty pleased with this result!!

Union Jack cup cakes

Very British mini Victoria Sandwich cakes.

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