Tuesday, 12 June 2012

One hundred and eightyyyyyyyy!!

OK 180 is pushing it but tonight Mr A and I have shared a lovely bottle of prosecco (I know it's only a Tuesday and a school night but....) and a game of darts.  You could call it our guilty pleasure....Mr A bought the dart board last year with some birthday vouchers I think but we haven't had it out for ages.
We have a natty little hook for the board which is normally hidden behind a frame picture....very cunning .  We we take down the picture and up goes the dart board.

We still have the Jubilee Union Jack bunting up in our breakfast room so that had to be tucked away.  I've decided to keep it up to help get Bradley Wiggins into the Malliot Jaune in the Tour de France, Andy Murry into the Wimbledon final and to support team GB at the Olympics....come on!!

The watercolour paintings have all been done by my Dad.  The one in this photo is a boat on a loch in Scotland.  My favourite one is the one we have to remove to play darts....sorry Dad!

My winning dart from the only game I won as Mr A beat me 4 legs to 1...for those of you in the know....a double 2 checkout isn't anything to write home about but I was a very happy girl!  A win's a win!

We then changed tack and had a game of closest to the bull...one dart each and the furthest one away gets the last dart...yes this is my dart !!  Although I again lost over all to Mr A, I scored two bulls to his ZERO bulls!!  Happy days!

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