Saturday, 17 November 2012

Bunting and buttons

I've been adding the finishing touches to my bunting...some gorgeous buttons.  I have a lovely range of buttons; some I've bought new and specifically for a certain project, some I picked up just because they caught my eye even if I didn't really have a use for them in mind and others (generally my favourites) I've inherited from my Grandma's or Great Aunts' sewing boxes.  They tend to be the ones on little pieces of card.  I have a few sets on the original shop cards but most of them have been sewn on in little sets by my Grandma onto scraps of card.

My trusty Bonne Maman jam jars, one for each colour of buttons.
Miss M loves helping to sort the buttons out.

Keeping it natural and rustic, I've decided to mount the bunting flags on garden twine.

The flags can move along the twine so that the spacing can be adjusted but due to the hessian and twine combo they don't move about once you've chosen your position for them.

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