Saturday, 19 January 2013

Call for a Nurse

Mum's know the magical properties of a plaster to heal a scrape, cut or graze...even if you know that letting the air to it to help it dry and heal would be the better option, I'm prepared to put a bet on that many of us have reached for the box of plasters to make the hurty better. 

We currently have The Hungry Caterpillar, Moshi Monsters, Charlie and Lola and my favourite, some vintage circus design ones complete with curly moustached ring master!  Wow that's quite a collection...and it's not like we're the most clumsy of folks but their magical healing properties means I will never be without a box of plasters.

Miss M and Miss E love playing doctors and nurses and although Mr A and I have been mistreated by them on several occasions, I think their dolls and teddies are more compliant patients.  We have a very well stocked toy doctors case but it doesn't contain any plasters so I decided to make some... doesn't teddy look happy now his hurty has been fixed with a teddy plaster?

Nurse E, coincidently wearing the nurses outfit I used to wear when I was little (I love how my mum has kept so many things) comforting baby after applying a special plaster to her hurty leg.

Nurse E at work...I love how baby had to stand on her head to have her plaster fitted!

Baby Freddie is also feeling a whole lot better now he has a plaster on his poorly knee.

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