Sunday, 13 January 2013

Easing into 2013

Before I delve head first into 2013...I know it's already started but quite frankly I'm still playing 2012 catch up....I thought I'd share a few highlights from the end of last year when blogging took a back seat and the festive fever took its lovely grip on chez nous.

I'm aiming to fully embrace 2013 shortly though with new plans and goals but for now let's just for a few moments pretend it's not quite started yet...shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone, it can be our little secret...

A big highlight in our calendar is the arrive of Ariel our elf who comes to live with us on the 1st of January.  This is her second year with us since we adopted her and Miss M and Miss E were over the moon when she came back again this year.  Ariel keeps an eye on things and then flies back to the North Pole each night to report on good and bad behaviour to Father Christmas.  She then hides in a different place each morning ready to be found by Miss M and Miss E.

Sometimes she tries to help out with the Christmas preparations; wrapping presents, making Christmas cards and paper-chains and writing cards...much to our amusement as I don't always think things go as she's planned them.

Sometimes she gets up to real mischief; playing snowball fights with Justin Beiber, helping to stuff some fabric hearts I've been making or baking tiny little elf cookies for Miss M and Miss E in her tiny little elf oven.

Sometimes she just hides and hangs out

Although normally we can't touch Ariel as it could affect her magic, on the 24th December we're very lucky because Ariel arrives with a letter explaining that as it's her last day with us Father Christmas will lift her magic for a short period after the Christmas Eve candle-light Christingle Service so that Miss M and Miss E can give her a very gentle kiss and's a very special moment.

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