Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A Stationery Love Affair

Do you love stationery?  I'm particular nutty about new notebooks and diaries...especially if they either have those elastics around them to hold them closed or close clips...oh and I adore using lovely flowy ink pens too...I don't mean proper ink spilly fountain pens but pens where you have to let the ink dry and be careful not to smudge it for a few seconds as opposed to scratchy biros, although I dare say there could a be a couple of those lurking at the bottom of that pencil case!  Shhh!

These two beauties below were two of my stationery Christmas pressies from my lovely Mr M; a floral notebook and a 2015 diary.  Mr M is very much a type it in a document / do it on his iphone type of guy and although it amuses him and causes him to say things like "you do like writing things in books don't you?" and "I bet you underline things don't you?" and "are you sure you have enough coloured pens there?" said with a raised eyebrow, he indulges in my stationery love affair with these perfect additions.

Oh and who, I hear you ask, is that gorgeous little clippy butterfly?  Well I shall tell you, this fabulous pince a papier...I know...has come all the way from Paris...bein sur...oh la la!  A present from my dear friend Rachel who also gave me an equally adorable clip for my hair too.  As you will see on the next few photos le papillon (I know, I can't stop now!) is very handy.

Now I confess to wondering already if this post is verging on stationery geekdom!  Or do you think we passed that mark way back and we should just boldly continue?  

Yes I agree my friend, it IS too late to back out now...on y va mes amis!

Now although this diary isn't as pretty as my previous ones, I do love it's sleekness and understated style.  I think Mr M fell for the chunky pencil which is pretty funky and triangular which is tricky to see in this photo but trust me.

I think it's going to work really well having the week on one page and then the facing page free for notes and lists.

The reason I have it open in May in case you're wondering is that I've already gone through and put in all friends and family birthdays and May is the only month where I have a birthday free week (two bday free weeks in May in fact) and therefore avoid getting into any tricky data protection issues!

OK onwards we go with our tour de papeterie!  The floral notebook is stunning inside as well with dainty blooms and a handsome hummingbird on each page...swoon!  Not sure how I'm going to feel about writing on this little feathered one though.

Oooh still in it's plastic packet, although I admit to taking it out for a little peek.  This slightly smaller, perfect for my handbag notebook was a wonderful gift from my brother and sister in-law.  I currently have a small handbag, go everywhere notebook in use for all ideas, sketches, notes on the go so it's going to take all my will power to finish that one first before diving into this one...on to the top shelf you go, out of temptations way!

And here is that very item, my Emma Bridgewater current on the go book along with my larger notebook, also a previous gift from Mr M...I told you he was good to me and my stationery love affair!  The little one contains lots of lists, measurements, plans and very rough scribbles of ideas and the other one is my treasure trove of more detailed plans, fabric and yarn samples, sketches, patterns and mind maps.  It's a system which may not make much sense but it works for me...oh yes, one other thing, the big one has a large gusseted pocket at the back too....very handy!

Yes mes amis, there are more...one of my plans last year was to doodle more and create a fabulous oodles of doodles book.  Well "oodles" might be over selling it but I did enjoy doodling.  I tend to be quite a planner and feel uncomfortable about just starting off a doodle in pen (it's just so permanent) and going with the flow...maybe I'm not a particularly flowy person, so I thought this could be good for me.

My sis gave me this collection of pens (another great present, I'm a very lucky girl) and although I've tried them all out, it would be rude not to, so far I'm definitely favouring the fine end of the spectrum which I guess is in testament to my non-flowiness, in that I feel the thicker pens take more guts to use and I'm just not quite there yet.

I'm also not quite at the stage where I'm willing to share my doodles but I will one day when I'm feeling brave I promise.

Even the lovely people at Mollie Makes are helping me indulge in my stationery love affair with this fun freebie of shaped post-it notes, stickers, washi tape, labels and bakers twine...be still my beating heart!

These two have come to the end of their lifespan; my Cath Kidston 2014 diary which was lovely although the plastic outer cover press-stud fastener broke before February was out which was a shame even though I'd tried to reinforce it with pretty fabric tape.   I can't remember where the purple leather one came from but it was simply full of blank paper which I covered in sketches and ideas.

So there you have it, a wander through my pretty forest of stationery lovelies.  What items are the heroes in your Stationery Love Affair?

A bientot mes amis x

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