Friday, 30 January 2015

Making plans...a new start...

I love January; a new start, chance to make plans, set goals, take stock of where and I am where I want to be next.  I've already mentioned my love of stationery and the new year is the perfect excuse for a new notebook and then obviously a new diary and calendar.  

Mr M has put a system in place where we both receive an email prior to birthdays of family and friends and chuckles when he still sees me transferring all the birthdays from last years calendar to this years.  I just find it easier this way OK.  Plus a very good friend gave me this Great British Bake Off one...

I'm not rushing into declaring plans for 2015 just yet, that's not to say I don't have any, I do...honestly.  It's just that they're still work in progress and still taking shape. I started this year getting over a rather nasty virus and just didn't have my normal zip.  I think Mr M is quite relieved really as normally in January I have plans flying out of me right, left and centre!

2015 is going to be quite different at chez nous as my contract with the mental health charity I have been working for ended at the end of last year.  My heart is still very much in the world of mental wellbeing and not wanting to turn my back on this, together with a former colleague who is also a very dear friend, we have set up Work Smart Work Savvy.  Take a peek, we'd love to hear from you at Work Smart Work Savvy HQ.

We had lots of plans up until the end of the year but have been locked away in Work Smart Work Savvy HQ beavering away developing new plans and visions for going forward.  I'm constantly flipping from excited, scarred, frustrated, overwhelmed, proud, doubtful and confident....sometimes going through all of these within an hour!!

Do pop by and say "hello", we'd love to hear from you at Work Smart Work Savvy

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