Monday, 2 February 2015

Dinos and Volcanoes

 I had a fabulous time on Friday morning at Miss E's Stay and Play at school making junk model dinosaurs.  Miss E has named hers Benosaurus.  Personally I think Sellotaposaurus would have been more appropriate!  There is no way this dino is going to fall apart!

I love the tongue she made for him.  Dinosaurs is Miss E's topic at school and to be fair she didn't warm to it at first, it's been a bit of a slow burn but she's enjoying it now thankfully.

And if junk model dinos weren't enough, Mr M and Miss E made Dino Bread yesterday.  Miss E often has a piece of the dough to make a mouse or hedgehog bread but we've not had a dino one before.

Miss E has very proudly and generously taken hers into school this morning to share with her classmates.  That spiky tail is going to be lovely and crunchy.


Once we got our dino mojo there was no stopping up!  Next up this purple pterodactyl, again with plenty of sellotape which Miss E seems to be obsessed with! 

Pretty fierce hey?

I just love the little feet she cut out after we looked at some images as I couldn't answer "how many toes do pterodactyls have Mummy?"  Four just in case you were wondering and couldn't quite work it out from this purple least the image we looked at had four but I'm no dino expert.

You can have too much of a good thing though so as Miss E is convinced that the next topic will be butterflies (I think this is just her wishful thinking) we made a very glamorous butterfly too.

I'm rather jealous of these amazing eyelashes.

Miss M's topic is volcanoes and she was very pleased to be cast as a Volcanologist in her class assembly last week.  We borrowed a white lab coat from a friend and then donned some fake specs (as obviously all scientists where glasses!!) and made a security badge.

Can you believe Miss M is only 9 years old...this get up made her look so mature.

It was a fabulous assembly and everyone one in her class was brilliant.  They finished singing Bastille's Pompeii with great gusto.
Just in case you're wondering, the big purple flower is purely to cover up others who were in the photo background.

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