Monday, 16 February 2015

Valentines Felt Flowers

I love flowers.  I love buying them, receiving them, arranging them and picking them from our garden, however there's not a lot of floral colour in our garden in at the moment, although the shoots of spring bulbs are starting to poke through the ground promising beautiful flowers soon to be.

If I'm honest we're not into big Valentine's Day presents in our house..  That's not to say that we don't show our love and affection for each other, we absolutely and thankfully do that but just not in a big showy way on actual Valentine's Day if you get what I'm saying.  In fact, this Valentine's Day after the girls dancing and swimming classes, we met up with some very fabulous friends of ours for ten pin bowling and a pizza tea....romantic it wasn't but fun, easy going and a very cherished time with true and treasured friends, it certainly was.

This year I decided that I would make us our very own 12 valentines roses mixing traditional crimson red with shocking bright pinks.  I love working with felt, the colours are so vivid and it's a great fabric for structure creating.  I cut the felt for the roses and the leaves free hand so each one is truly individual just like living roses.  The rose stems are made from sticks and twigs from our garden following a big pruning session that have been hanging in the garage drying out waiting to be put to good use.

Here's 3 felt flower facts for you...
1. They don't need their water changing, obviously as they don't need water at all...fact!
2. They don't wrinkle, droop and die...fact!
3. Yet they do have all the elegance, colour and charm of live blooms and like real roses, each one is unique....OK this one is more of my opinion rather than fact but I'm running with it!

Here they are in my living room standing tall and proud.  They'll be hanging around and still looking gorgeous way past Valentine's day.

I made some individual ones for a couple of close friends too.  Flowers are for sharing.

Which is your favourite, the pink or red?  I just can't decide.

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