Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Colour choices for Spring Summer 2012

Colours colours colours......
I've been trying to chose a colour scheme for my Spring Summer 2012 collection.  I know from past collections that pink is my best seller...pale pink, baby pink, hot pink, dusty pink, rose pink, cerise, fuchsia ....you name it but us girls are suckers for any shade so long as it's pink!  SO obviously pink is going to feature in the scheme but what other colours?

Delicious strawberry pink with lovely icy blues?

Fresh radish pink and garden greens?

Peony pink, green and teal?

Tulip pink and graphite grey

My Cath Kidston table cloth pinks, blue, yellow and greens?

I'll reveal the final colour scheme very soon.  I want to get a better photo so the colours can be seen properly.

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