Sunday, 4 March 2012

New Blog Header

I have had a beautiful photo of Lake Windermere as my blog header photo since I started this blog and although it's a photo I'm very fond of, it didn't really fit in with the content of my blog.  So with some thought and photos from me and some technical help from Andy, I'm really pleased with the new look and hope you like it too.

My initial rough sketches....

The ideas changed a bit from the plan as I started to take photos and put things together as you can see in the header.

I'm still very new to the world of blogging but at least now the header includes some of the things I've made...the fabric flowers, the grey flower ring, hairclips being modelled by Miss M and Miss E, a purple Hazy Daisy corsage from my last collection and a felt heart hanging inside a delicate metal.  

OK and then a photo of the harbour in Weymouth which I've included just because...I like it...I remember taking it during an early morning walk with Misses M and E during last year's summer hols....a fantastic summer holiday with some brilliant, special memories.

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