Saturday, 17 March 2012

Even more blooming marvellous

Last summer I created some fabric flowers as I wanted to add some height to display on Blooming Marvellous post to see the original post.

Although I was very pleased with them at the time I felt they were missing something....leaves.  So armed with my scissors I set about trying to add leaves.  My initial idea was to sandwich wire inside the leaf fabric but it didn't quite work as I'd onto plan b.

This time I tried putting fusible webbing between in the fabric to give it a bit more stiffness and changing the shape of the leaf so that I could wrap and glue the stalk part around the flower stem.


One leaf on and I'm happy.  Right onto making a few more then.

I have the flowers on my dining room table now and I love them.

And you've probably spotted that they feature in my current blog header picture.

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