Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Planning and paperwork first

I'm as happy as a pig in mud when I've got a sewing needle in my hand but sometimes I have to put the sewing down to do a bit of planning and yesterday morning was one of those times.  So armed with a good cuppa I put some structure to the Summer Collection....did some research....attempted a few pricing sums....and did lots of crossing out....and obviously I needed two pens....this is serious stuff!!
Hello little dolly...have you come to help?
I impressed myself with my discipline and completed the planning and paperwork before returning to sewing...so fuelled with another cup of tea I finished off a set of these lovely twirly swirly flowers.
These will be attached to snap hair clips
Sunshine yellow and vibrant thistle

I also cut out these rectangle shapes....can you tell what it is yet?  I'm not telling yet....you'll just have to be patient...no clues....not even a teeny tiny itsy little one!

There's a couple of hearts and butterflies lurking in the corner...more on these another time.

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