Sunday, 21 April 2013

You're invited to a tea party....

 What's on the menu?  Well tea of  course, biscuits and some rather delicious looking ice-cream.

Who's the hostess?  Well that would be Miss E but she does have two other chosen guests, Elephant who is hiding behind his napkin and Baby Freddie who you will meet shortly.


What is the dress code? Fairy dresses and new fancy dressing up shoes teamed with fabulous stripy tights.


What else is happening at this picnic?  Well there will be a story and as Baby Freddie has been such a good boy, he can sit on Miss E's knee. 

Even big sis Miss M dropped in to have a pink biscuit.

Miss E asked me to make her a tablecloth for her picnic set and we chose this fabric from my stash and thought we ought to make some napkins too for sticky paws!




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