Sunday, 21 April 2013

Baked Dougnuts

I've been planning on baking baked doughnuts before but never really thought that I could just bake them in normal standard muffin tins.....that is until now!  What a revelation it has been!  They are delicious even if I say so myself, filled with scrummy strawberry jam.  

I found the recipe here but made a small alteration and used Rachel's Organic Low Fat Vanilla Yoghurt instead of the one mentioned in the recipe simply because it was what I had in the other reason...but once I've decided I want to bake something I want to do it now, not after I've checked the ingredients and been to the shops!

The shape is obviously a bit different from your traditional round fried doughnut but the taste and texture is very similar....and they are much easier to having to deal with hot oil which I'm very happy about.  

I'd love to say they are a healthier version too as they aren't fried but let's face it, they are still doughnuts and nobody chooses a doughnut if they're trying to be healthy....but they are yummy....and tomorrow is a running day for I think I might just have another one....shhhhhh.....don't tell!!

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