Monday, 13 May 2013

Ribbon Tangle

I've been sorting out again and I'm slowly taking over this set of shelves above the desk we set up mainly for Mr A for the days when he works from home.  I think he has a few items in one of the filing boxes on the top shelf but quite frankly his work stuff just isn't pretty enough to warrant being out.

I've had these square boxes for years now and have various treasures inside such as beads, sequins, glue guns, spare sewing needles and they keep things looking neat and tidy....well that is until you open the lid and peer inside.....

....and find tangled ribbons, knotted cords, unravelled bias tape amongst the paper bags, plastic bags and bits of card which once upon a time, long ago kept everything in order.

Some ribbon is still on it's original spool or card but many bits have been picked up at markets or by the metre or just recycled from other things like tags and wrappings and thrown in...and what a mess it was until.....

.....I came across this idea at , storing ribbon on clothes pegs.  Perfect! And don't they just look so pretty...I want to draw little faces on each one now to go with their ribbon outfits...I might just do that although I need a lot more clothes pegs to finish the job so maybe I should just focus on that first!

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