Monday, 6 May 2013

Buttons and Jam

Miss M loves going through my stash of buttons and sorting them by colour, so she was over the moon when I said I wanted to colour sort them all out...and what a great job she did too.
 I've been saving Bonne Maman jam jars for a while especially for this purpose and I adore how they look on my shelf....a rainbow of buttons making me feel very organised even if other areas of my stuff aren't quite so sorted!

Miss E is the big jam eater in our house so on one hand I was very pleased when I realised I had 11 Bonne Maman jam jars but on the other hand slightly concerned that she's eaten 11 jars of strawberry jam!!  Mind you I guess I do use it in baking as well so that must count for a jar or two at least!

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