Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fun Snack Time

Although I certainly don't do this all the time, sometimes it's fun to have a little fun and be a bit more inventive with food....and create some fruity bugs and butterflies for Miss M and Miss E.

I think this little butterfly is my favourite.  

We've had such a good crop of blackberries and raspberries this year.   I think a fair few went straight from bush to mouth as the fruit bushes are just by the back gate giving ample opportunity to pick a few when passing to school or on the way back.  We also have lots stashed away in the freezer to keep us in berry supply throughout the year.

Still on the subject of snacks, sometimes Miss E is flagging a bit by lunch time and I've found that she copes better with little snacky bits rather than presenting her with a large lunch.  Her favourite is to have her own snack tray with a wrapped up Treat Pot.

She is very good and never peeps inside the Treat Pot until she's eaten everything else.

You can't see it here but the Treat Pot about to be opened contains a few mini pink and white marshmallows...yummy!

Miss E insisted we prepared one for big sis when she got home from school.  It was a big hit with Miss M as well.

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