Tuesday, 8 October 2013

They're changing the guards at Buckingham Palace...

...Miss M and Miss E went down with Grandma and Grandad....we didn't see Christopher Robin or Alice but we did have a great time.

My favourite part without a doubt was seeing the Queen's Coronation gown close up.  The bead work and embroidery really was quite something else.  It must have been very heavy to wear and the dress itself was tiny.  There was also some fantastic behind the scenes video footage of setting up the formal photos with a very young Prince Charles and Princess Anne hiding and playing.


Miss M and Miss E loved the taxi ride to the station on the tip up seats.

At the station waiting for our train.

Picnic time before it was time for us to go into the palace.

If we'd have picnicked any closer we would have been sitting next to the Queen!!

Obviously it's no photography in the palace but everyone wants a souvenir snap on the palace steps leading into the palace garden.

Miss M and Miss E are clutching their Palace Garden Cafe cups.

The big white sheet on the lawn was protecting the grass as this is where the marques are erected for the garden parties. 

Buckingham Palace - the white marques is the Palace Garden Cafe.

It's very tiring visiting the Queen!

Back at the train station waiting for the train home.

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