Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Cake...glorious cake....

There are a lot of birthdays in our family this month and birthdays mean birthday cake...yippee!

Miss E had a Pancake and Pajama themed party and so I created this sleepy cake with Miss E in bed with her Teddy Weddy and pink Rattly Rabbit.

Miss E always has a blanket to take to bed so this had to be part of the cake as well!

These Cookie Monster Cakes were just a bit of fun really for my birthday as I knew the girls would love them plus they were pretty quick and easy to make....and even quicker to eat!

Miss M had a Secret Agent party where we turned the house into a Secret Agent Training Academy.  Miss M had decided that this year she wanted cupcakes rather than a big cake.

I decided to mix in some chocolate cake bombs which were very popular and quite frankly a lot less fiddly than the secret agent cakes....and a good excuse to get out the edible glitter!

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