Monday, 24 November 2014

Pure Denim Corsages

No fancy colours, just pure denim in all its glory.  These corsage brooches are for those of us who aren't afraid to do the double denim look!

They look brilliant on tweed jackets, wool fabric coats and snuggly knitted jumpers.  They are your friendly perfect winter accessory.

Just like the Bright Denim Corsages these Pure Denim Corsages are made from recycled denim.  I have been badgering everyone I know to pass me their cast offs over the last few months.  Each flower is unique due to the different shades of blue in the denims and how much wear and tear the denim has had in its jeans life.  I cut and sew these corsages completely by hand giving them a lovely homespun quirky feel.  

I have been wearing one on my navy tweed jacket for about a year and it just gets better with age as it frays and takes on more character.

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