Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Halloween Yummies

Now it's always any excuse for cake at chez nous and last year I made, what I thought was a rather fabulous Halloween cake, which was enjoyed by myself and my adult friends but the children turned their noses up at it.  It was a rich spiced ginger cake with black treacle, all spice and pieces of crystallised ginger with orange flavoured icing and a big spiders web design on top.  Delicious and Halloweeny and autumnal.

So not wanting to fall into the same trap this year and have my Halloween goodies snubbed by the girls we created some gruesome non bake yummies instead.  

Oreo Eyeballs
Carefully twist apart the Oreo biscuit so that the cream filling stays intact and on one of the biscuit halves.  I made blue and green irises out of sugar paste with a chocolate drop pupil pushed in pointy end down.  Using a cocktail stick I painted the bloodshot veins on the icing using watered down gel food colouring.

Although admittedly I did eat many of the "discarded halves"....shhhh!  I pressed a circle of white sugar paste onto the ones I didn't eat so they could be made into Oreo Eyeballs as well.

Dracula Chocolate Digestive Teeth
Carefully snap a chocolate digestive roughly in half.  Yes some will break as you do this and yes you should eat these quickly before the children get to them!  Shhhh again!
Spread the chocolatey side of each half with some red icing (icing sugar, water and red gel food colouring), line up 6 mini marshmallow teeth on the bottom half and top with the other half.  I used a mix of either shards of white chocolate or pieces of almond flakes for the fangs.  

Frozen Banana Ghosts
Far less gruesome but still very delicious.  Chop bananas into quarters (one chop across the middle of the banana and then slice each half length ways).  Insert a lolly or cake pop stick and freeze.  Once frozen dip into melted white chocolate and quickly before the chocolate sets add two chocolate drop eyes.  Boo-nana!!

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