Monday, 1 December 2014

Pocket a Penguin

Pick a Penguin...Pick a Pocket...
Pop your Penguin in the Pocket...ta da!

Whenever we go out, I generally grab a few things for the girls, especially if we're going to a restaurant or similar....a book and pen and notepad for Miss M and a book and a little cuddly for Miss E which is how the idea of Pocket a Penguin came about.

I had the idea of creating something that would jump into your pocket and tag along for the adventure when ever you went out.  BUT...there was a flaw in my plan...not many of my daughters clothes have pockets... I started to gather pockets to create portable little homes or sleeping bags for these penguins.  I've used birds many a time before, long legged birds on cushions, Christmas robins, bird mobiles but never penguins...

Peepo Penguin!

So which one is your Penguin of preference?  I just can't make up my mind!

I'm sure these little ones do the can can when I'm not looking and I bet the grey with white spots one is the leader!

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