Thursday, 18 October 2012

Great British Bake Off

After 10 wonderful episodes, we will now be left without our baking fix on a Tuesday evening.   Following a very tight final which could quite frankly have gone anyway, a very deserving John was crowned as the Great British Bake Off winner 2012.  

Finalist - Brenda
Finalist - James

Congratulations John

Of course as well as the baking, the real highlight of the show is hearing what the judges are going to say about the delights they taste...

(Photo from BBC)
The Radio Times called the show "an irresistible combination of muscle and marzipan" which I think about sums it up.

(Photo from BBC)
Mel and Sue on hand with a comforting word, a joke to relieve the stress and to help pick up dropped cakes.

(Photo from BBC)
Mary Berry - the Queen of the Kitchen

(Photo from BBC)

(Photo from Radio Times)
Paul Hollywood - the silver fox of kneading and proving

(Photo from The Business Showcase)
Some may think this whole article was just a good excuse to get photos of Paul on my blog.....ssshhh don't tell anyone!

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