Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The birthday party season here has meant that designing and creating (unless you count designing and creating birthday cakes and party games see Willy Wonka TimeMore Wonka FunAnd the party goes onAnd still party goes on) has taken a back seat....so I'm itching to get going again and to make these very strange looking piles of felt into gorgeous accessories.

The machine sewing has been done on these so they are in the queue for some lovely hand sewing

This blue is a new colour called cornflower and I love it....I think I might have said this before...but it's true...I do

The flowers are very nearly finished and will become hair clips and the fabric bows will also become hair clips on alligator clips once they've been finished at the ends.

At least some of them look like the finished product....the big ones will be brooch corsages and the smaller ones will go on hair band bobbles.

A tray full of pieces waiting to be hand sewn....it makes me very happy just looking at them and imagining what they will look like once I've whizzed my needle over them

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