Sunday, 7 October 2012

Willy Wonka Time

Miss M is fast approaching her 7th birthday....7 years did that happen?!!  Anyway, we've decided to have a Willy Wonka  / Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party.  

The golden tickets (the party invites Mr M and I made) have been released and we are expecting 12 excited children at the factory gates ready for "tremendous things"!!

I'm putting the finishing touches to the tremendous things still but will share shortly but here are the invites.

You can download the Willy Wonka font for free - I just googled it.

We laminated the Golden Tickets as the ink sat on top of the shining paper and was in danger of rubbing off.

The Golden Ticket invite, wrapped round a chocolate bar and covered by a Wonka Bar wrapper.

We decided to leave a bit of the Golden Ticket showing so that it was noticed and not thrown away in the excitement of getting to the chocolate bar!

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