Sunday, 23 September 2012

Food to share

We got together with lovely friends on Friday afternoon so our children could have a play and then tea together, it's something we try to do weekly and is such a laugh.  After burning the oven chips last week...I know, I know...HOW? my defence I was called outside by Miss E to try a "delicious" sand food tea party she'd laid out all by herself for my friend and I, it was very sweet and all thoughts of oven chips were forgotten!  Anyway, move oven chips were hastily popped in the oven and all was well!  This was my friend's baby's first teaclub tea coming to join Miss M and Miss E and her 2 year old son, so not the best introduction but then he was on milk, milk and more milk so, we'll save his chips for another day.  So this week I did what I'd normally do...prep before hand, then pop in oven with the timer on and it worked perfectly.

Two dishes of lasagne ready to pop into the oven

The big one for the children and then Mr A and I later in the evening and the smaller one for my friend to take home for her and her husband once their children are asleep.

I said earlier that it all worked perfectly....well almost perfectly....this was supposed to be a "Mile High Apple Pie" ....

....and I'm afraid they are still like this today....

...definitely tomorrow's job, I have a day off from the day job so no excuse really!

Cups of tea soon turned into glasses of delicious dark red El Bomero.....yes best shared with friends!

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