Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Parcel Delivery

One of my most favourite things is getting a parcel...even if I've ordered it and know exactly what's inside I still love's like getting your own little secret present.  A couple of days ago my order from the fabulous  Paper and String come through, very speedily as always and likewise as beautifully wrapped in tissue paper as always...doesn't tissue paper just make everything seem that bit more special?

So what did I order?
Well Paper and String have updated their felt supplies and introduced some new colours and have therefore produced new felt samples....but being Paper and String...they've not just presented these samples in any old way....oh no siree....these sample cards are beautiful and come in their own handy box.

I also restocked on some supplies of Raspberry, Apple and White felt.

These are the sample cards in all their glory...lovely big samples of the felt so you can really see the colours properly.

Gorgeous greens

Icy greeny blues

Brilliant blues

Perfect purples

This is the old felt sample card I have from Paper and String which I'm sure I'll still use as I regularly pull off the little felt squares and lay them out together to play with combining new colour schemes for my next creation.

I'm playing with this Charcoal, White, Raspberry, Apple and Baby Pink combo at the moment.

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