Monday, 24 September 2012

Old to new

My mum is great at keeping things...over a year ago I remember spotting some fabric in my Mum and Dad's garage being used as a dust sheet and asking if I could have it.  I loved the pattern and the colours even if they are somewhat faded...I think it just adds to it's charm. 

Yesterday I pulled it out of my stash (now washed and clean) thinking it would be make a good new cover for my sewing machine.  I'd cut a few bits off before for various other smaller projects and unfortunately what I had left wasn't quite the right shape or size for my sewing machine cover but I realised perfect for a new skirt for Miss E...oh and a matching headband.

I had to work around a couple of holes in the fabric and a small paint stain but I think the fabric must be about 45 years was the first material my Mum bought for the bathroom of my Mum and Dad's first house...a skirt with a story! 

Obviously a very large chocolate cupcake was involved as well, thanks to a birthday party Miss M went to that afternoon....

....and a bit of dancing....

....and some hiding!
The gorgeous fabric - can you spot the tiny paint stain on this piece?

These hems are the original ones that my Mum sewed and I left them as the hem of Miss E's skirt.  

You can see how the fabric has rubbed and worn.

I think the fading and wearing just gives it a really lovely casual feel.

So I folded the fabric in half and pinned and hemmed the side of the skirt.  I didn't need to do anything about the bottom of the skirt as I used the original hem my Mum sewed 40 odd years ago!

Then I machined a loose gathering stitch around the top...

...pinned in the thick elastic which I measured around Miss E's waist...
....machine sewed the elastic to the skirt and .....

....BINGO....a lovely, simple, very quick retro skirt.
Happy Days!!
Post published note:  
My mum reckons 42-43 years old for the fabric as they've been married for 43 years.

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